Seamless Gutter Replacement & Installation Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Seamless Gutter Replacement & Installation Services in Hampton Roads, VA

It’s very important to have the proper guttering system on your home. The primary function of gutters and downspouts is to divert rainwater away from your home to protect your homes foundation and to keep your basements and crawlspaces dry. Without gutters, rainwater has only one place to go… and that’s down. It falls off the roof in sheets with enough water pressure to create trenches in the ground around your home which then collects the water and gradually filters it beneath your homes foundation. This can cause the ground to soften and erode and settlement problems to arise. The deluge of rain pouring off a roof causes damage to concrete, landscape and shrubbery.

Gutters also protect the outer walls of your home as well. Stucco, wood, mortar, siding and shingles can become waterlogged and discolored. Wood rot around soffits, windows and doors will eventually allow the water to get inside your home and cause even more damage. The cost of guttering is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of not having gutters.

There are several different types of guttering systems with different sizes, shapes, styles, color and materials depending on what your home requires. The most popular and affordable choice are standard 5” Seamless Gutters with 2×3 Downspouts. Some houses require 6” Seamless Gutters with 3×4 Downspouts depending on the size, height and pitch of the roof. There are different leaf protections that can be added to the guttering depending on the area surrounding your home. Perhaps you live in a heavily wooded area and you need a leaf system that actually shields and protects your gutters from clogging up with leaves, pine straw, and debris. Gutters overloaded with debris can’t function properly and causes rainwater to backup and overflow. You may only need light protection from a few trees. And of course, no trees… no worries.

We have custom guttering as well. Perhaps you live in a home located in a historical district in or around Hampton Roads and you have to duplicate the original style or type of gutters with copper or half round gutters. We can accommodate your needs. Our job is to keep your home safe and dry. Our goal is to do so affordably.

Seamless gutters installations and replacements are just one of the many ways Window King of America in Hampton Roads, Virginia can help to improve a home. Our company also offers window installation, sliding doors, and vinyl siding services.